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Nominet, the UK registration Authority for .uk domains, have recently issued new details to help maintain the accuracy of their domain holders details and to ensure the best possible service for the registrants. In this regard MCL, as registrars and agents for Nominet, would like to clarify the position, with regard to the purchase, renewal and transfer policy we employ.

As providers of managed 'business only' services for all of our operations, our position is slightly different from those organisations responsible for the bulk sales of domain names. Most of our business is based upon specialised business design and web hosting for which domains are essential. The customer does not have to order online , make changes, either technical or otherwise, to their purchases as we handle all of this on their behalf. Although we employ automated systems to ensure all information is presented in a timely manner e.g the customer will receive renewal notifications at least 14 days in advance, we are still available to discuss by email or telephone any option or query that a customer may wish to clarify.

The following are the key points that customers may wish to note in regard to the registration of .uk Domain names with MCL:
* Customers may apply by email, by website contact form or by telephone for the domains they require and a support operative will discuss and check the various options and costs and advise the customer accordingly the best options for their particular web package. Usually we receive these requests in conjunction with one or other of our services for which a domain is required, for example website hosting.

* We need to ensure that the information we receive, with regard to the domain registration, is accurate and that when published in the 'whois' it is not subject to misinterpretation. Therefore we expect customers to provide accurate Name, address, telephone, company and other details as requested. We will always register the domain in the name of the person or company we are provided unless you wish us to assume responsibility for this. In this event we will require your explicit written instructions, by email in order to facilitate this option.

* Pricing. We make special offer pricing from time to time based upon two year registration periods although the customer may specify any period for registration from 1 to 10 years. The standard pricing model we employ for a 2 year registration is £0 where it is incorporated into a package and as advertised on these website pages, £6.50+vat for a standard initial or first time registration, £16.50+vat for a standard 2 year renewal unless it is incorporated into a package, when it may remain free of charge. For domain transfers to another registrar we charge £12+vat for administration; for transfers to us there is no charge. For special offers or longer periods we will discuss the appropriate charges in relation to the overall package required.

* Customer email requests to, regarding their overall subscription management or their domain management are routinely responded to within 4 hours and usually faster Monday to Sunday 8am –10pm. Telephone support and requests are available Mon to Friday 10am –5pm at 01789 470642. Changes to domain registrant details will be responded to within this time period but changing such details will take longer, following Nominet requirements for swapping such details. We may be obliged to forward to Nominet additional information on your behalf, or you may do this. If this is required then all such information will remain confidential and you will be advised of the likely timescale.

*Because we act as agents for Nominet, as indicated in our general terms and conditions, the registrant may wish to make themselves aware of particular .uk terms and conditions available on the Nominet website at:

* In the event of any complaint or dispute with regard to a domain name then in the first instance the customer should address an email or a written postal message to either or to: The Director, MCL Communications, Hamford House, Walton, Co 14 8EW. Nominet also run a dispute resolution service should we not be able to rectify the matter.

* Transfers to another registrar. In the event that a transfer is required we will effect this with 6 hours of receiving a request by email and the administration fee (£12+vat). It is not possible to transfer a domain during the expiration period and the domain will need to be renewed before this becomes possible. If for any reason we decide not to renew a domain, or a subscription then the customer will be advised accordingly before expiry and asked for details of an alternative provider so that we can change the TAG. In this event there will be no charge.

Should you have any queries that lie outside these general guidelines then please contact us at 01789 470642 or In the event of any specific abuse of your registered domain please send further details to March 2014.

  • Great Value Domains

    Some special offer prices for the most popular domains include:
  • - £4.25/year
  • other .uk domains - £4.25/year
  • .com - £8.50/year
  • .net - £8.50/year
  • .org - £8.50/year
  • .biz - £8.50/year
  • .info - £8.50/year
  • .eu - £8.50/year
  • .org - £8.50/year
  • All prices plus VAT
    Other domains available including: .mobi, .name, .asia, .tel, .co, .me, .tv, .ws and other country TLDs like .fr, .it, .in, .es, .de, .us and more.
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