Domain Transfers

Transferring a domain to an alternative provider requires the transfer of details (server details, admin contact etc) between the old and new hosting company, so that browsers will locate your new location under the domain name. This transfer is effected by the registration authorities Nominet ( or various other registrars worldwide, amending their database records for the domain name servers. This is not required if you have sub-domain with an ISP. Your new or existing site can simply be uploaded to the site where your own domain will be hosted in future, leaving your sub-domain where it is, or discontinuing it. MCL offer free transfers in to us, although certain registrars will require and additional one year renewal. This mainly applies to American domains. Some suppliers of domain names have, in the past, locked customers into different agreements and may not transfer easily. Please phone or e-mail us if you are having difficulty: 01255 670 081 More detailed notes on the transfer process are given below: Transfers

Transferring to MCL

You will need to change the IPSTAG on the Nominet record to MCLWEB. Either you or the exisiting provider needs to do this and they may make an admin charge. We will arrange everything else. It should take about 24 hours depending on the existing provider.

Transferring away from MCL

We will usually only require the new providers IPSTAG (this is something like: PRIMENET) which you can obtain from them and advise us. Send us an email advising the details and the transfer will normally be completed in 24 hours. The new location will be available after the name servers have been updated. There is an admin charge of £12+vat.
Alternatively, you can email us the details from an account at the domain to be transferred.

.com Transfers

The transfer of these domains usually take longer than those for .co .uk for both transfer in and away and is handled by various registrars around the world. Different systems may apply depending on name.

Depending on the registrar and any other parties involved the transfer can take anything from 48 hours upwards and we have known them take a month where certain details remain unavailable. The simplest form of transfer requires the exisiting registrar to provide a 'key' (to be used in the transfer) to the owner and the owner gives this to the new hosting company/owner who request the transfer and use the key to authorise it.

This does require that the admin contact email address is valid. A one year renewal is mandatory. In some instances confirmation of ownership may be required by the losing registrar.

Transferring to MCL

Please contact us so we can look at the information on your domain name and advise you of the best way to arrange the transfer.

Transferring away from MCL

Pay an admin fee of £12+vat and we provide an EPP code (key) for the owner to use. The gaining registrar uses this key to request the transfer.

We amend the admin contact and 'unlock' the domain in advance.

This is the fastest transfer method, where we as current administrators authorize the transfer. The domain name remains with the same registrar.

  • Domain Name Recovery Service

  • Know you've got a domain, and want to use it, but not sure who's in charge of it? Or having problems getting the domain released from your existing ISP. We specialise in helping you recover what's rightly yours. Contact us for details.

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