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We specialise in Telecomms and Broadband for small business customers and we understand the problems that can occur within your business if you are experiencing difficulties. Whilst our support and service are second to none, our prices remain very competitive. We offer various Broadband services depending on availability at your local exchange. Our telecomms packages remain cheaper than BT with the basic line rental at £12.50+vat and standard local/National calls at around 1p per minute..

Why Choose MCL?

Personal Support

Like all other suppliers we are in the hands of BT Openreach for most repairs to lines and at exchanges but we are always just a phone call or email away, providing fast and friendly support when you need it. No recorded messages, no waiting in long queues.

Flexible Contracts

Major telecoms providers often tie you into long 18- or 24-month contracts or longer, with penalty charges if you want to change providers before the end of term. At MCL, we provide flexible broadband and telecoms to suit your requirements with only one month's notice required on standard services and no hidden charges.

More Information

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If you would like to know more about our broadband and telecoms services give us a call on 01789 470642. Alternatively, you can get in touch using one of the methods detailed on our contact page.

  • Great Value Telecomms & Broadband

  • Whilst other providers' prices have been rising we have managed to keep costs down for our small business customers. Our telecomms line charges are currently held at £12.50+vat per month with UK standard calls at around 1p per minute and International calls to Europe, USA and many other locations at around 2p-4p per minute.

    Our Broadband charges do depend on your requirements and availability of some suppliers/services at your local exchange but can start as low as £10+vat per month. We offer unlimited packages with speeds up to 8Mb download on standard lines and 30 Mb download where fibre connections are available.

    There is a great deal of misleading information in current broadband advertising - there are still many exchanges NOT enabled for faster broadband services. If you contact us we can advise you what speeds you can actually obtain at your local exchange or if it will be upgraded in the near future.

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We will be happy to answer any queries you have regarding our services, or questions you have about the web or the Internet. You can also request a copy of our information notes.
We will reply to all your queries or orders as quickly as possible, so please do not hesitate to contact us today!

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