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Kompozer is free website editing software which you can download and use to make changes to your website. It allows you to make changes to your pages visually, rather than forcing you to edit the html code, though this mode is best used only for small text and image changes.

It is also important to note that if your website does not use html pages (it may, for example use php pages) or uses a database, Kompozer is probably not the best solution unless you a very confident with web development. If you are unsure, please contact us.

Downloading Kompozer

To download Kompozer:
Go to
Click 'Download Kompozer'.
You will be taken to a new page. Wait for the download window to appear and then save the file.
Once the file has downloaded, right-click the file and choose 'Extract All...' to unzip the folder.
Once the folder has unzipped, open it. Next, open the subfolder and you will see a list of files. Click 'kompozer' to run the program.

Using Kompozer

Using Kompozer
Once you have Kompozer running you can connect to the server on which your website is hosted and make changes to it directly:

1. Under 'Site Manager' on the left hand side, click 'Edit sites'.
2.Click 'New Site'.
3.Add a Site Name - this can be anything you wish and is purely for your reference.
4.Enter the HTTP address, Publishing Server, Username and Password to connect via FTP. If you are unsure of what to enter here, please contact us.

HTTP address - typically '' or ''
Publishing server - typically '' or ''
Username and Password - your FTP login details may have been emailed to you upon regsitration. If not, please contact us.

5.Ensure you tick the 'Save Password' box.
6.Click 'OK' once you have filled out all fields.
7.Your website should now appear under 'Site Manager'. Click the plus icon on the left of its name to connect and see the website's files. 8.Double-click the html file you wish to change. Please note, your homepage is likely named 'index.php'.
9.Before you make any changes, we recommend you click the 'Save' icon to save an unchanged version of your page your computer, in case you need to revert back at a later point.
10.Once you have finished making changes, click the 'Save' icon to save your changes to your computer (if you saved a backup during step 9, be careful not to overwrite this) or click the 'Publish' icon to update your live website.

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